The European Council: Summer Study Abroad

The European Council (EC) is one of five regional councils operating under the auspices of the System Council for International Education of the University System of Georgia (USG). The EC seeks to foster greater understanding and appreciation of the cultures and societies of Europe by sponsoring programs and activities for the University System of Georgia’s students, faculty and institutions. The EC sponsors summer study abroad programs for USG students and transients at seven locations in Europe that last 2-5 weeks. Most courses are taught by faculty from EC member institutions. While most of the enrollment is from USG institutions, students from other colleges and universities throughout the US are also encouraged to enroll. Students in all EC programs blend classroom experiences with group and individual travel as they earn academic credit through their home institutions.

While the European Council serves all of the USG, the main website is housed on the Valdosta State servers. Click the icon below to find out more about European Council Study Abroad, or click on a photo to the right to be taken directly to more information about that program.


European Council Officers

  • Chair, Jeff Brown- Georgia Highlands College
  • Vice-Chair, Ms. Maria Darley- Augusta University
  • Treasurer, Ms. Irina McClellan- Valdosta State University
  • At-Large Representative, Ms. Danielle Smith- Georgia Southern University
  • At-Large Representative, Laura Thomason- Middle Georgia University